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Snow beside the road

Where to find snow


Located in Kosciuszko national park 212km from Canberra, Perisher is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere encompassing Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Guthega, and Blue Cow resorts covering approximately 12 square kilometres. Perisher is fantastic for all beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers and boarders with lots of all mountain terrain and plenty of terrain parks to choose from.

Perisher has a dedicated snow play area at the base of the mountain where visitors can make snowmen, go sledding & toboggining. Next to the snow play area is Tube Town, where you can get a ticket to slide down a roller-coaster style slope in a rubber tube.


Modelled off Eruopean skiing villages and located in kosciuszko national park 236km from Canberra, Thredbo is a beautiful alpine township with restaurants and shops at the base of the ski field. While Thredbo has the steepest overall terrain of any ski resort in mainland Australia with many challenging trails for experienced skiers and snowboarders, it also has plenty of runs for beginners and intermediates. Perfect for an alpine family adventure with plenty of sightseeing, however, toboggining and sledding is not permitted in and around the resort area.

Corin Forest

Conveniently located within Namadgi National Park only 51km from Novotel Canberra, Corin Forest is a great place for young families to enjoy the snow. Featuring a dedicated toboggining and snow play area available for an affordable price. It’s an easy drive from Canberra and does not require chains to be carried.

Snow beside the road

Prepping for your Snow Trip

Plan accommodation in advance

Make sure you book your accommodation in advance. Accommodation inside and around Kosciusko National Park books out fast during the snow season! Even if you’re planning to camp, don't leave it to chance. Unfortunately for people living the #VanLife you can’t sleep just anywhere in the Jindabyne township; you will need to book a campsite or risk being fined.

Check the weather

Before heading to the snow, check the weather and plan your attire with plenty of layers. Remember the weather can change quickly so it may start out a sunny day and quickly turn into a whiteout by lunchtime.

If it’s going to snow where you parked your car, put your windscreen whippers up off the windshield to prevent them freezing to the windshield and make clearing snow and ice easier.

Vehicle check and preparation

Snowy conditions are harsher on vehicles, it’s recommended you check your tyres, battery, brakes and windscreen wipers are in good condition as well as the normal checks for long distance driving. Ad anti-freeze to your windscreen washing fluid and ensure your coolant has a sufficient anti-freeze suitable for icy conditions. Diesel vehicles require a fuel mix formulated for freezing temperatures to prevent ‘waxing’ which blocks the fuel system and immobilises the vehicle. ‘Alpine Diesel’ is available close to the snow fields, so plan your journey to arrive with plenty of room in your fuel tank.

Snow beside the road

Driving in the Snow and Kozusko National Park

Prepare to stop revive survive

Driving in high traffic, icy and low visibility conditions is tiring. It’s important to not rush and plan to stop and revive. Don’t ruin your snow trip with a stressful drive or worse an accident! Avoid travel fatigue, the drive down the mountain after a day at the snow can be very taxing, plan some stops along the way home to keep yourself refreshed. Book a stay on the way home and enjoy the Canberra sights you missed on the way over.

Parking in the snowys

If you’re traveling to Perisher or Thredbo, you’ll need a National Parks Pass to enter Kozusko National Park, you can purchase a pass from the NPWS Perisher Valley Office or Snowy Region Visitors Centre in Jindabyne.

Always park in designated spots, or you could end up with hefty fines or worse find you’ve driving into a snow-covered river. Parking fills quickly and while there is a free bus service along the alpine way, it’s beneficial to arrive early.

Know if you need chains

You’ll need to carry chains to get Perisher or Thredbo if you don’t have a 4WD or AWD vehicle. It’s unlikely you’ll be required to use them however it is a legal requirement to carry them. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the type of chains you have and how to use them. Make sure the directions for use are readable. If you are required to use chains, they should be fitted to the driving wheels and you shouldn’t exceed 40km/hour.

Allow more space and time to stop

It takes longer to stop in the snow, so leave a larger gap than normal between you and the car in front. Remember stopping on icy roads takes a lot longer. Avoid breaking hard so you don’t slide and instead plan to slow down gradually.

Black Ice can form when surface moisture and dew freeze, it is very difficult to see and can stay for days in shady or low light areas and can cause vehicles to loose control. It’s important to be mindful and take turns and winding roads slower to avoid accidents. I t’s important to take additional care when driving at dusk and dawn.

Make yourself visible

Ambient light in the mountains can be poor, especially in winter. Drive with your headlights on low beam during daytime to improve your visibility to other road users. Make sure you turn on your vehicle's fog or head lights when the weather turns bad.


Level up your snow trip with a stopover in Canberra’s CBD.

Stay refreshed for your winter trip to the Alps with our Snow Stopover Package where you will save big on the essentials for the slopes with up to 2 days chain hire and 15% off snow gear hire at Ski Co in Cooma exclusive to Novotel Canberra.


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