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Canberra's attractions hold and share the treasures of our Nation. Celebrate Australia's proud sporting achievements, delve into our unique political history, and reflect on our young Nation's experience on the international stage. See our country and people through the eyes of our artists and experience Australian character through sound and film, books and exhibitions.

National Museum of Australia Endevour Voyage
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In a landmark exhibition showcasing one of the great seafaring feats of our time, Endeavour Voyage: The Untold Stories of Cook and the First Australians immerses visitors in the moment when two great knowledge systems came face to face, as the First Australians encountered James Cook and his crew.

Endeavour Voyage goes to the heart of Australia’s shared history, shining a light on the country’s often tumultuous past and exploring the possibilities for the future.

National Museum of Australia

Opened in March 2001, the National Museum is the first in the country devoted to the stories of Australia and Australians, exploring the key issues, events and people that have shaped and influenced our Nation.

Bringing together the richly diverse stories of Australia's land, Nation and people, the National Museum has developed an international reputation for innovative exhibitions.

It profiles 50,000 years of indigenous heritage, settlement since 1788 and key events including Federation and the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The collection has everything from a carcass of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger to Australia's largest collection of bark paintings, Phar Lap's heart and the No.1 Holden Prototype car.

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