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Canberra's attractions hold and share the treasures of our Nation. Celebrate Australia's proud sporting achievements, delve into our unique political history, and reflect on our young Nation's experience on the international stage. See our country and people through the eyes of our artists and experience Australian character through sound and film, books and exhibitions.

 australian war memorial

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Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial has served as a cornerstone to Australian service since the early 1940s. Standing as a landmark to Australian sacrifice and courage, the Australian War Memorial is among the most popular attractions in the Nation’s Capital. The building itself encapsulates austere, byzantine architecture coupled with the geometrical rigidity of the prevailing Art Deco movement of the time. A unique and awe-inspiring collection,  curating the adventures and stories of soldiers, sailors & civilians.


The War Memorial offers unprecedented access to Australian national treasures and artifacts that have defined, saved and helped shape the Australia we know today. 


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