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Canberra Attractions to keep you entertained!

Canberra's attractions hold and share the treasures of our Nation. Celebrate Australia's proud sporting achievements, delve into our unique political history, and reflect on our young Nation's experience on the international stage. See our country and people through the eyes of our artists and experience Australian character through sound and film, books and exhibitions.

Winter Canberra

Summer in Canberra

Canberra's typically cool climate makes it a plesent summer retreat with many outdoor recreation facilities, events, exhibitions and attractions. Find out what exhibitions are showcasing in Canberra and nationally recognised events such as Summernats

Autumn Canberra

Autumn in Canberra

February marks the start of an exciting time in Canberra with several culturally diverse and significant events happening over the coming months. If you're interested in art, good food or a laugh now is the time to visit, and Novotel Canberra is conveniently located close to all the action in the heart of the city!

Enjoy a Winter Family Holiday in Canberra

June - August

Enjoy a Winter Family Holiday in Canberra

Canberra: where emerging athletes and young einsteins can be!

Winter Canberra

Winter in Canberra

While winter is typically quite cool in Canberra, it brings great opportunities for unique experiences including the outdoor ice skating rink in the city and the truffle festival.

Fabulous Food & Wine

Fabulous Food & Wine

Canberra's growing and thriving food scene has a lot to offer, from great casual brunch spots to fine dining.

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